McDonalds to hire 12,000 people in Italy by 2025 and open 200 restaurants

The fast-food giant McDonald’s has announced plans to hire 12,000 workers in Italy by 2025. The move is part of their plan for global expansion and will see them open 200 new restaurants across the country.

“Italy is seen by the group as one of the markets with the greatest potential on a global scale,” Dario Baroni, chief executive of McDonald’s in the country said.

With a goal to expand their business in Italy, they are on track for 800 restaurants by 2025 versus the current number which sits at 630. They also plan with 40,000 employees as opposed to 25,000 now.

The fast-food industry has been extremely hard hit by the recent coronavirus pandemic, but there are some rays of light. Demand for take out and drive-through orders have helped revenue.

In 2020, McDonald’s revenue in Italy fell to 1.4 billion euros from  1 .6 billon the previous year but Group Baroni said they expect this year’s total sales will be higher than last because take-away, drive-through and delivery services that represent more than 60% of sales.


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